About Herman Torres Managing Director

Herman has over 25 years of sales, marketing, management and real estate investing experience. Herman brings direct sales and marketing experience as well as management capabilities acquired at General Electric, a company that is world known for grooming company managers and dynamic leaders. Herman’s strengths are being able to manage different personnel and tasks at the same time. He takes control and handles situations by directing and persevering until a project or objective is met. He is a leader whom people want to follow because he demonstrates dependability, trustworthiness, self-confidence, consistency, honesty, but above all, Herman leads by example. Herman cares and is passionate about the people whom he is responsible for and he uses his experience at appropriate times in order to bring value to different situations. Herman is strong at using the skill of persuading and gains consensus because he is good at getting the point across by using professionalism, logic, empathy, passion, and strong communications skills. This skill is key in relating to the present and future customers of GL&L Holdings. Herman enhances all of his other strengths by his ability to pay attention to the details. This is always demonstrated by his organizational skills, his operational excellence, and by his follow-up on all aspects of a project to ensure success. On a personal level, Herman is married to Luisa Beltran-Torres who is also a member of the Company. They have a daughter named Valentina Elysse Torres who is 6 years old. Herman believes in staying fit and volunteering some of his time to help the less fortunate. He has also participated in many 10K fun run, triathlons, and has done the MS 150 mile bicycle ride to Austin, Texas over 7 times. Herman has coached his sons and daughters in soccer for more than 10yrs. Herman was also a member of the Elfun Society while at GE Medical Systems and volunteered his time during the last two Special Olympics in Houston. He was also named to the United States Who is Who. Herman attends Second Baptist church and is currently the President of the HOA Board for the Twin Lakes Home Owners Association.