General Questions

Please email, fax or mail your application to us. Our email address is, our fax number is 888.879.9055.

It all depends on multiple factors. Normally the answer is “no” and never on the first deal, however, we review each case based on LTV and other factors. Once we have established an on-going relationship, we can be very flexible, and we can consider reducing your out of pocket expenses. Our goal is to make your experience with our firm a satisfactory one.

Yes, we require one of our approved appraisers to do an appraisal. We can schedule the appraisal for you and require the appraisal fee to be paid in advance or you may solicit your own. Please see our “approved list of appraisers” if you need to find a company.

We do need to open up title and receive a title commitment and then an title insurance policy. Please see our “approved list of title companies” if you need to find a company.

Yes, we require a survey on every deal. The title company you select will usually have this done for you.

At closing, we will require a one year, paid in advance or at closing Builders’ Risk certificate of insurance with a vacancy clause. Also, Windstorm coverage will be required for properties located in Brazoria and Galveston Counties as well as certain locations in east Harris County. Flood Insurance will be required for any property located in the flood zone. If you need a policy we can solicit one on your behalf.

To request a draw please complete a draw request form which can be found online under “forms.” Please email, fax or mail your draw request to or fax to 888.879.9055 . The draw inspection fee is $150.00 accompanied by a $30 wire fee which will be deducted from the requested draw amount.

Hard money is loans that are funded by private parties that cannot be funded by traditional lending institutions. Typically, hard money lenders do not require rigorous documentation requirements, unlike conventional lenders. 

If you’re looking to invest in properties but don’t quite have the cash to make your purchase, need a quick closing where your bank can’t meet the deadline, or need more leverage than your bank can provide, a hard money loan will make more sense than a traditional loan.

A hard money loan from GL&L Holdings, a hard money lender in Houston, can give you the cash you need with less scrutiny of your financial situation and a much less complex application process.

GL&L Holdings, the leading hard money lender in Houston will be delighted to help you achieve your dreams. All you have to do is make contact, and we will talk to you frankly about your financing needs. We even have pre-qualification options available, even hard money loans for bad credit.

We lend up to 70% of the ARV (After-Repair-Value) of the property.

Our loans can be as low as $50K and as high as $2.0Million depending on the property

We don’t lend on a 2nd Lien Position. All of our loans must in the 1st Position and guaranteed by a Title Policy that will be paid by the borrower at closing.

We lend on both residential and commercial and even on empty lots depending on many factors

Our fees are very competitive with private lenders in the Houston area. Typically 3-4% origination fee as well as legal doc preparation and administrative fees are also involved.

We lend based on either a 15-25yr amortization or interest free but always with a balloon term between 1yr-3yrs.

Typically a loan can be closed within 15 days if there are no title issues and an appraisal can be ordered very quickly. We’ve closed some loans as soon as 7 business days.

Yes, we can partner on deals and have done multiple projects in a Joint Venture (JV) scenario.

Shop around and lets us meet or beat whatever offer you receive.

Call us! 832-770-9415

To start the application process, simply fill out the form on our Apply Page. We will contact you shortly afterward.

We lend up to 70% of the ARV (After-Repair-Value) of the property.

Our loans can be as low as $50K and as high as $2.0Million depending on the property